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Simple and easy chicken breast recipes

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Chicken breast meat is probably the healthiest part of a chicken that is low in fat and has the required protein. Apart from that, it is also very versatile and easy to cook. One could bake it, grill it, roast it, stir fry it, deep fry it or dress it up in various sauces to make it tasty and healthy.


The Truth about Health Food and Fast Food

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You might be surprised to see the words health food in the same sentence as the words fast food and maybe you thought fast food is the ultimate sin unless you are trying to gain weight. It is possible however to include fast food in your diet, even if you are trying to eat more healthily or lose a few pounds.


Save Time and Save Money, Order Fresh Lobsters Online

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When you're a kid growing up on a seacoast, one of the best advantages you get is access to great fresh seafood. Whether it's a clambake, lobsters, or any other fish, you know when you come home, there's likely some great seafood dish cooking. Did you grow up with great seafood, but can't find it anymore now that you've moved inland? And isn't it a shame that you can't give your kids the same great memories that you've got yourself? Well, in this age of easy online ordering, you can, buy buying fresh lobsters online today.


Fresh Lobster is a Healthy Treat for All

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If like many of us, you're on what can seem like a perpetual diet, it can be difficult to stay healthy. One of the hardest things is finding a protein that you like that isn't bad for you. No one wants to eat tofu every day, and red meat has been out for years. You can only eat so much chicken, and now even fish is becoming unsafe, with high levels of mercury. Where is a dieter to turn when all they really want is to spice things up? Surprisingly, and deliciously, you can turn to fresh lobster.


So Many Batters, so Little Time

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While some people believe that no batter should touch their chicken, many more love the crisp bite into a battered chicken. Batter can be applied to whole pieces, wings or cut up slices to make chicken strips or nuggets. Battering is a popular way to prepare chicken all over the world. There are almost as many chicken batters as there are chickens!


Tips for Making Delicious Stew Recipes

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Stews are very popular, especially when the weather is cool, and you want something warming and tasty. A stew is a combination of solid foods, usually meat, or fish with vegetables that have been simmered or cooked slowly in a liquid sauce to allow the flavors to combine well. The sauce is served as well as its contents.

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