What Are The Benefits of Bananas?

To put it quite simply, bananas, like any fruit, are good for you. Fruits and vegetables should play a daily part of your everyday healthy eating routine as a whole as they are a good source of vitamins, minerals and a load of other good stuff that can help keep you fit and healthy. Read more


The Diet Which Caused Beyonce Knowles to Lose Weight - Is It Healthy?

Beyonce Knowles-in recent times, days she became more famous for her sudden unexpected weight loss than either her vocal cords or histrionic abilities! Once she claimed on a TV show to have lost almost twenty pounds of fat using a special diet program, everyone went crazy over it. So what is this diet program and exactly how does it work, and more importantly, could Beyonce's results be copied by others? I will answer all these questions in this article. Read more


The Infamous Maori Tribe's Green Mussel Diet

The green mussel is found exclusively only in New Zealand's blue waters. In New Zealand coastlines, the Maori tribe has long consumed green mussels and other seafood found off the country's coast. This serves as a primary part of their diet and the Maoris have found to have low rates of arthritic inflammation among their old people. Read more


How To Lose 10 Pounds

If I'm neither slender nor fit, what can I do? That's why the question is more than legitimate: How can I lose 10 pounds? 10 pounds just to begin with. I searched the web and looked through some books written by dieticians and I found out that it is possible to get rid of this weight. Certain harsh diets can even help you wipe out the weight in seven days only. Read more


Getting Rid Of Cellulite Is Not About Motivation Only

Ok so you have decided on your new year's resolution that you are going to lose 15 pounds. You've learn how to get rid of cellulite tips and tricks from books. Read more


How to Stay in Top Shape with the Best Cardio Exercises?

In order for cardio exercises to work, we need to understand how they work. A cardio exercise program allows the body to burn off fat. But we've always wondered what is the best cardio exercise that burns the most fat. Is it high intensity, or low? Read more


How Can I Stay On A Low-Glycemic Diet And Use My Crock Pot Too?

This is the year I decided to try a low-glycemic diet. It's working so far, but I'm starting to miss my crock pot meals, and so is my family. I'm sure they're getting tired of eating my "diet" food and would like us all to sit down together and have a nice, hot meal. My crock pot has always been one of my favorite ways of cooking, but now what? Read more


What do lap band patients eat?

People who chose to undergo lap band surgery are opting for more than a medical procedure; they are also adopting a lifestyle change. The change has two primary goals. The first is a gradual increase in exercise. Once slowly introduced, a regular exercise routine has to be observed on a daily basis. This means that a person who decides to go the lap band route will have to make a commitment to alter sedentary behaviors post surgery. Read more