Acai berries & antioxidants, natures health & beauty formula

Heard recently that research that diets high in fruit and vegetables and other plant foods are associated with better health and lower mortality rates from cardiovascular disease and cancer? It has been said in literature around the world. Now take this new super food, acai. It is not your average fruit, as it contains very high levels of antioxidants. Read more


Keeping track of your food is a good idea

A weight loss journal is very helpful during the first days of a diet and beyond. You can use it to record your initial weight, current weight, and other data that might help you reach your goal weight. Read more


Quick Weight Loss: Say Goodbye to These 4 Things

Why do you want to lose weight? While I don't know what prompted you to take the weight loss decision, the fact remains that people usually lose weight in the hope of looking and feeling good. That said, losing weight is important for non-cosmetic reasons as well! Do you know that obesity alone amounts for more than three million deaths every year? It might sound crazy, but it is true. Read more


Genie Diet - Is It Suitable For You?

It is nothing new for people to go after fad diets in the hope of rapid weight loss. No matter how many times they fail you, the charm of fad diets is so irresistible that you seem to be drawn to them each time you notice an attractive claim, and the more attractive and hyped up the claim is the better! Read more


Advantage of Acai Berry Diet

acai berry diet burn is an organic super food that is loaded with healthy nutrients. And also acai berry burn has its very high-energy. Read more


I Ate Healthy But Still Put On Weight - Find Out Why!

Guess how you gained so many excess weight? I am not sure whether you were eating fatty or healthy foods before your weight gain, and I won't even ask you about that either, because the type of food you eat doesn't always determine whether or not you would gain weight! Case in point: almost everyone would tell you that if you want to lose weight or avoid weight gain, you should steer clear of junk foods! But if that were true, I would have been overweight by several pounds by now, because I am a self-confessed junk food addict! If someone tells me to avoid junk foods, I won't be able to follow his advice! Read more


How to Lose Your Flabby Arms in 2 Simple Steps!

If guys hate their love handles and fat bellies, women are equally desperate to lose their flabby arms as quickly as possible! Flabby arms not only look bad but also affect your health negatively! Few are aware of the fact that having flabby arms could afflict you with painful maladies such as heart problems, stroke as well as anxiety and behavioral disorders! Read more


The Quick Weight Loss Trap

For people that need a Quick Weight Loss method, the bad news is that no system is perfect; losing those unwanted pounds is a good way to reduce those health risks associated with being overweight. There is more harm caused to an overweight person than just pride as many serious medical conditions are as a result of obesity. Read more