Can You Really Burn Belly Fat with Resveratrol?

Recent studies have showed that drinking a little red wine keeps your heart healthy and fit. Over time, experts have also discovered that a certain substance called Resveratrol which is found in red wine could help one lose weight. Read more


How Easy Is It to Lose Fatty Thighs?

When it comes to flabby arms or fatty thighs, people will often to put the blame squarely on their genes and parents. It is true that genes do affect our body weight to an extent, but they cannot make you so fat as to give your thigh an ugly and bulky look! Read more


Read These 7 Fat Loss Tips Before You Start

Do you want to lose fat? Have you tried different diets and failed consistently? If you answered yes to these questions, you are in good company. There are a lot of people who have been trying fat loss diets over the years and have failed. The reason they have not succeeded is that they used gimmicks and lose-weight-fast diets that do more damage than good. Here are some sensible things to keep in mind when you try to lose weight. Read more


Exercising or Dieting - Which One Would Help You Achieve Quick Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss almost all experts would unanimously agree that there is no better technique to achieve your goal than following a diet. However, they don't seem to be focusing much on the workouts! I am sure you have heard of several fad diets but do you ever get to hear the words 'fad workouts' or 'fad exercises'? I haven't heard of one in the past four years I spent in researching weight loss! Read more


All You Need to Know About Kids' Calorie Intake

Most parents seldom monitor their kids' calorie intake until they develop fat bellies. It is then that they take their kids to an expert who suggests that weight loss is possible only with calorie reduction. Naturally, those parents reduce their kids' calorie intake to such a low level that kids actually end up getting malnourished! Remember that weight loss is just another way of getting healthy, and a malnourished kid cannot lose weight! So what do you do? You need to understand your kids' nutritional requirements and then adjust their calorie consumption limits accordingly. Read more


Noxycut Review - Diet Pills

This Noxycut review will look at this diet pill that geared primarily for men as apparent from their marketing. While the website isn't much to look at, it sure makes some pretty strong claims. So will Noxycut live up to those claims? Read on to see what our review says about it's claimed effectiveness. Read more


How to Get a Flat Stomach and Burn Belly Fat

In order to get rid of that belly fat and achieve a new, flat stomach, you'll need to incorporate three elements: mindset, diet, and exercise. Many articles have pushed diet and exercise but when you start without the right mindset they fail. Read more


2 Powerful Fat Burning Tips for Quick Weight Loss

Our weight loss industry is filled with fads which promise to magically melt all your pounds away! We have fad diets which would help you lose weight within a couple of months, diet pills you simply need to pop daily in order to get slimmer, etc. In fact, there is no dearth of "magic weight loss products", though you will rarely hear about a product which magically boosts your metabolic rate! Read more