3 Food Tips to Prevent Your Kids from Obesity!

Do you know that the regular, calorie rich diet your kid gets at home and outside could be the cause behind his ADHD? For most people, it is no secret that excessive junk food consumption cause weight gain, but many are unaware of the fact that these foods could negatively affect the behavioral patterns of kids as well! If your kid is not following a healthy diet, then he is likely to suffer from several behavioral disorders, including ADHD! Read more


Can You Lose Belly Fat and Keep It Off?

Belly fat is far and away the toughest fat to lose, especially as we get up in years. It seems as though it is the first place for fat to show up and the last place it disappears from. If you are inactive or not eating properly, you are making yourself more susceptible and need to change your lifestyle by eating belly fat burning foods so that you can lose belly fat that to improve your health and appearance. Read more


Are You Too Old for Weight Loss?

Do you know that almost every function of our body is controlled by a hormone or a group of hormones? Hence we have hormones which control our body growth, show the effects of aging on our body by making wrinkles and grey hair appear, maintain our metabolic rate, etc. Read more


Healthy Eating for Kids: Top 5 Ways to Reduce Their Salt Intake!

There are many people out there who are somewhat addicted to salt, just as others love sugar. These people would insist on eating only salty foods all the time. If you think that salt is better than sugar because it doesn't cause weight gain, you are plain wrong! Read more


The Surefire Way to Make Your Kids Lose Weight Fast!

If you want your kids to lose fat fast, the best option is to go the 'dieting' route. Of course I am not hinting at any of the popular fad diets; instead, I am talking about healthy eating! Healthy eating obviously means eating organic fruits and vegetables. However, making kids eat raw foods is a Herculean task. Read more


2 Easy Methods to Get Rid of Fat

If you know anything about weight loss, you would agree that other things remaining the same, the more muscles a person has, the quicker he would burn fat and lose weight! Muscles also help one keep weight gain away from the rest of his life. If you really want to lose weight by building muscles, here are three food tips to help you with that. Read more


3 Simple and Easy Steps to Quick Weight Loss!

If you are like others, you have certainly made a strong New Year's resolution to lose all those excess pounds of flab which bother you so much. This time you have promised yourself that you would really show off your new-found slim body much before the Valentine's Day! However, January is almost about to end and your body shows no signs of getting slimmer or lighter. Is the problem is with your diet, or something else? If you are confused and don't know the answers to these questions, this article is for you! Read more


2 Absolute Truths about Natural and Permanent Weight Loss!

It is a fact that men usually are likely to accumulate fat around their bellies and waists, while for women the usual fat accumulation areas are hips and thighs. Contrary to what you might believe, the task of weight loss is not difficult at all. In this article I will provide you a step-by-step approach which would have you start burning fat like crazy! Read more