3 Things Angelina Jolie Did to Get Rid of Unwanted Fat!

Whether or not Angelina Jolie is your favorite movie icon, I am sure you would appreciate me telling about the simple diet regimen she used to lose weight for the purpose of flaunting that sexy figure you see in the movie Tomb Raider. When Jolie lost a lot of weight within a short amount of time, speculations were rife that she had used several unhealthy rapid weight loss techniques such as bulimia and anorexia to shed all that fat. Read more


How to Make Kids Lose Weight the Exciting Way!

If there are thousands of overweight adults in America, there are also an equal number of obese kids as well! Thanks to the awareness generated by media, not only adults but even kids have started understanding the advantages of weight loss. No wonder that now want their belly to be as flat as that of Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson. However, just like adults, they too adopt unhealthy weight loss methods which hurt them more than help! And that is where the problem starts! Read more


Top Diet Method for Kids

As more and more parents are becoming aware of the health risks associated with obesity and the 'easy' weight loss solutions available from the market, they are spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to help their kids lose weight. Usually such parents have been obese for their entire life, so they know the disadvantages and risks associated with obesity! Naturally they don't want their kids to acquire a fat belly or flabby arms like them! Read more


Is Dietary Soda Damaging For Your Kids?

Thanks to the considerable awareness about weight loss generated by experts and media alike, almost all of those so-called 'bad foods' now have seemingly 'good alternatives' so that you could enjoy your favorite foods without putting on extra pounds! So we have dietary drinks to replace fizzy drinks and dietary soda to replace the original sweet soda! But how healthy are these dietary alternatives? In this article we shall take a closer look at that! Read more


Is Soda At Fault For Childhood Obesity?

When we were kids, my brother was addicted to soda, just like my father. The only difference between them is that, while father could gulp down can after can of that sweet liquid, my brother was resticted to drink no more than one liter and-a-half a day! However, when my brother realized that soda was responsible behind his ever increasing fat belly, he decided he would take no more of it! Read more


Atkins Dieting (part 1).

When I first came across an Atkins Diet book, I was working in an office in south Wales. I had been working there for five or six years and had accumulated quite a bit of excess weight. I had never enjoyed participating in sport, but my previous job had been working on building sites, which entailed a certain amount of physical activity " just enough to keep me in reasonable shape. After five years as office-wallah, I weighed 18 stone 12 pounds (264 lbs or 120 kg), three stones more than before and neither I nor my physician were happy about it. Read more


The Ultimate Guide To Quick Weight Loss

The perfect Quick Weight Loss method has still to be discovered; despite some methods that are debatable however, a number of proven systems that help shed pounds healthily do exist. There is more harm caused to an overweight person than just pride as many serious medical conditions are as a result of obesity. Read more


Looking for the Best Ways to Lose Weight

Every dieter knows that you gain weight by eating more calories than you need and lose weight by burning more calories than you consume. You gain weight when you put too much food in your mouth and don't get enough exercise. This long standing truth still applies no matter what fad diets may come along. Read more