Does the Flat Belly Diet Work For You?

Unless you have been living under a huge rock, you have surely heard about the Flat Belly Diet! This diet has, by her own admission, helped Rachel Ray lose weight effortlessly! Here is the cold hard truth though: only 10% of those who follow a diet are able to lose weight successfully, and then the blame game starts. While customers blame the diet program for wasting their time and money, the manufactures of the program in turn claim that the customers didn't follow all the guidelines set by the program properly and then, failed to lose weight. Read more


Plan to Lose Belly Fat

All through our lives, our bodies will undergo change. But if we deal with those changes intelligently, we can come out ahead. For men, especially, putting on weight can be an issue. And if it's male belly fat, it's an even bigger issue, so come up with a plan to lose belly fat, and you'll find yourself being a winner. Read more


How Acia Berries Can Help You

Weight loss is a main concern for people who have a certain desire for slimming down and wanting to achieve the aspired figure and weight. The major contributing factors in getting our ideal weight are the food that we eat and the kind of lifestyle that we follow. Read more


Great ways to lose weight successfully

It is important to understand the mechanics of weight gain and loss if we are going to be successful in your quest to lose weight. We must ask ourselves the question Why did I put on weight in the first place? If we answer this question honestly we can look at changing our lifestyles to find ways to lose weight. The frightening trend towards obesity and premature death due to the effects of obesity in one trend we need to buck or we will become another statistic. Read more


Quick Weight Loss Exercises

If you have a desire to trim down and feel healthier, you can achieve this without expensive programs, diet pills or gym memberships. Other than a good diet modification that would involve the reduction of caloric foods, establishing a quick weight loss exercise pattern will work wonders. Read more


Time to Call Time On Diets - It's Goodbye to Diets!

When new studies come out about diets, it's always wise to see what they say. The latest study is from the Harvard School of Public Health. It found that it really didn't matter which diet you went on, it could be low carb or low fat, whatever...the result from all diets is virtually the same. There is no diet that is better than the other. So, is it goodbye to diets? What it all boils down to is calories in vs. calories out. It's that simple...or is it? Read more


How to Lose those First 10 Pounds?

Those first ten pounds are usually the most difficult to lose. It can feel like you are starving yourself and it is so easy to quit and seek comfort in those high calorie foods we all know are bad for us. Read more


Ab workouts made easy

Going to gym and paying money to reduce your belly, many won't prefer this. There would be a conflict between your mind and body whether to go to gym or not. But the fact is that you can get a six pack even by working out in your home. Try these you will not believe how fast you could reap the benefits. Read more