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Tasty chicken breast recipes

Chicken breast meat is probably the healthiest part of a chicken that is low in fat and has the required protein. Apart from that, it is also very versatile and easy to cook. One could bake it, grill it, roast it, stir fry it, deep fry it or dress it up in various sauces to make it tasty and healthy. Read more


Fried Chicken is Popular Worldwide

It seems everyone likes fried chicken. All over the world, you will find recipes that combine this succulent mild meat with frying. From American fried chicken to the tasty nuggets you can find in Asia, frying chicken is something that is universal. Read more


Spice up Your Kitchen

What would life be without spices? Even the commonplace salt and black pepper elevate our food to heights that are unattainable without them. Garlic adds yet another dimension to our plates. Without spice, our food is bland and unappetizing. With spice, it climbs to culinary perfection. Read more


Every Kitchen Should Have Chicken Stock

As winter approaches, we crave warm, comforting food. Soup is a comfort food that can be found all over the world. Each country has their own variation of soup that uses chicken stock, so there are lots of varieties to play with. Read more


Fresh Lobsters Taste Great, and is a Great Deal

One of the best things about living on a coast is fresh seafood. Who doesn't love a delicious gumbo or paella or any of the other great seafood dishes you can make when you've got access to the best. It's one of the great parts about growing up as a kid close to the water. And if you are someone who grew up that way, but then moved away from the coast, you probably miss coming home to the smell of a great seafood feast. It may be hard to find fresh seafood at your local grocery store, but now you can easily buy fresh lobsters on the internet. Read more


Utilize Chicken's Versatility

Chickens have been domesticated to provide eggs and meat since before 1400 BC. The Chinese raised them for generations. The Polynesians brought these useful birds with them to Chile in the 1300s. Since then, the chicken has become a worldwide food staple. They are easy to raise and provide nutritious protein... oh, and they provide one of the most versatile meats in the world. Read more


From Pub Grub to Gastro Pub - The Evolution of Pub Food

You can get different types of meals from different restaurants - pub food, fine dining food, caf food, and fast food are different types of restaurant environments. Obviously, you will expect a different price and quality from each of these establishments but we are going to be looking at pub food. What is the truth about pub food recipes? Can you get freshly made, healthy pub food menus or is all pub food made from cheap ingredients months beforehand and deep frozen? Read more


Cooking in Parchment: Fun, Easy, and Tasty

En papillote, or cooking in parchment packets, is a French technique that is quick and easy. The food is steamed inside the pouch during baking, keeping its moisture intact. The natural sweetness of the foods comes out in this cooking method. If you have never tried it before, you will find it is fun, too. In the oven, the packets fill up like a balloon. Your family and friends will not know what is for dinner until they open their packets, engulfing them in the delicious scents of herbs, sauce, and food. Read more