What Are the Benefits of Taking Acai

What are the benefits of taking Acai as a weight loss supplement? Read more


The Secrets of Lose Fat Gain Muscle

Gaining fat with muscle usually occurs when you add plenty of muscle in a very short period. Gaining muscle and fat at the same time is a natural process of gaining weight, you must know and accept it if you want build muscle mass. In order to gain bigger muscles, you should consume more calories to let your body grow bigger muscles. But it is impossible for all of your additional calories to go for growing your muscle. Some of these extra calories will end up as fat. Read more


Better Health for Couch Potatos

Everybody I know is busy. Probably everyone you know is too. Read more


Drink green tea to lose weight for health

Your home should only have green tea because it is the healthiest drink to have around. There may be a lot of hype about the benefits of green tea but these are all pretty justified because in truth, green tea is very healthy. In fact, green tea is probably one of the health secrets of the ancient Japanese. Now, studies revealed that green tea is also great for weight loss and not only health alone. Read more


What You Should Know About Appetite Suppressors

Appetite suppressors is a common term among people on weight loss program. Perhaps you may even think that you need it, too. What are your appetite suppressant options? Read more


Will Goji Reduce Acidity?

Many foods we eat on a daily basis throw off our bodies alkaline and acid levels. Many researchers and doctors believe that having too much acid can lead to disease and illness. Dr. Marcial-Vega a trusted expert has been doing a 3 year study on the effects of acidosis and how Goji can help balance the body. The study has shown some amazing benefits and I want to take some time to go over the interesting findings from the study. Read more


The Slim Fast Diet

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Shopping for Diet Pills? Read This First.

After having reviewed over 295 diet pills, I've seen nearly every trick in the book that diet pill companies use to get you to buy their product. To be honest, most diet pills on the market and nothing but junk, and some even complete scams. But when first looking into a diet pill, they all sound quite convincing. They do it through good marketing. By 'good' marketing, I mean good for them - not necessarily ethical or honest marketing. I've seen it all and now I'm filling you in on the most common tricks used by diet pill companies to convince you to give them your hard earned cash. Read more