Are Fad Diets Failing You Miserably?

Celebrities for the most part have tremendous pressure on their shoulders to be the best and look the best. They resort to all kinds of fad diets to keep them in check for the world to scrutinize. Low carbs, fat free foods, low calories and a lot of perspiration. Is this the life you deem normal and accepted? Constantly thinking about your next meal, your next workout or your next weigh in? It's exhausting just to think about it. Most stars will admit this lifestyle isn't your typical dream life, but it doesn't seem to deter them one bit, so what can the girl next door do? Follow the next diet trend and hope this time your hard work will pay off? I've been on this ride many times and have been unsuccessful. So why have all these diets failed us? Let's look at some common diet fads. Read more


Stopping Acne: A Guide

It's a familiar feeling. You wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to see new pimples on your face. Acne is a common skin problem, but one that is surprisingly difficult to deal with at times. Unfortunately, there is no easy, fool proof way of preventing acne, but I can share a few tips that I've learned about. Read more


No More Dieting After a Healthy Colon Cleanse!

More than likely, you are suffering from a clogged colon, and you probably even have some of the symptoms! Are you always bloated and constipated? Maybe you suffer from IBS, and you are gassy all the time. There are so many problems that build-up in your colon can cause, and a healthy colon cleanse can treat these issues, and increase your energy and flatten your stomach! You may think that you couldn't possibly have this problem, but everyday things, such as junk food, pollution (cigarette smoke), and medications greatly contribute. Read more


How To Become A Reputed Certified Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is a great idea, considering it is now a field that is in high demand- meaning job security will be strong. It also allows health fanatics to do what they love most, while helping others and making money at the same time. The road in becoming certified will be a long one, however, and quite a bit of work will have to be initiated in order to get the prize at the end of the road. Read more


Acai Berry - The World's Number One Superfood?

Very few people realize the fact that our body is becoming a hub of different toxins day by day; thanks to the pollution in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Right from sleep disorders to hormonal imbalances, people all over the world are worried about the gradual health deterioration. The irony is that we can hardly do something to arrest that. Well, at least that is what we could have concluded before the world came to know of this super food called Acai berry. If you are expected to deliver like a super human, you are also supposed to have some super food ingredient in your diet. Read more


Which Weight Loss Pill is Right for Me?

It almost seems that a new diet pill pops up nearly everyday now. Each one assures you that they have found the new secret to weight loss. You also hear that a lot of diet pills are scams and some are even being charged by the FTC. So how can you determine for yourself which diet pills are legitimate and will work for you? I've found that if you start your research focused on four areas, that you'll be able to quickly choose the right diet pill for you. These four areas are: the ingredients of the diet pill, the company that produces the diet pill, the price of the product, and the money back guarantee. Read more


How to Choose a Good Diet Pill

With so many diet pills on the market today, with each one claiming to be the new #1 weight loss supplement, how can you possibly sort through all the garbage and choose a diet pill that will actually work for you? When I started reviewing diet pills on my website ( over a year ago, I asked myself that same question. Over time, however, I found that it is actually quite easy to discern between the junk and gems if you know what to look for. When choosing a diet pill, you should always take special note of the diet pill's ingredients, the company behind the product, the price of the pills, and the money back guarantee. Read more


Learn About Dr. Atkins

There seems to be a lot of debate about the late Dr. Atkins. His new diet revolution, as he called it, is something that many have used successfully, but there is a raging debate about the long term effects this style of eating might have on the body. Read more