What Is Hoodia And How Does It Work?

There are many people that think that Hoodia is really an herb. In actuality the Hoodia gordonii is actually a cactus. The misunderstanding probably comes from the fact that Hoodia is often sold in the herbal supplements of department stores. Read more


3 Super fruits - one super supplement

As period progresses you can visibly see who the leaders are with-in the mass death supplements community. Which continually manufacture can combine the most excellent of the superlative ingredients in concert and deliver a time hardened proven manufactured goods desire mostly emerge as an engineering leader. Acai Noni is passing all tests with airborne colors and is becoming so as to LEADER. Read more


A Six Pack Abs Lesson From A Gymnast

Every four years I can't wait to watch the competitions of the summer Olympics. The performance of each athlete is amazing in itself but another thing I am in awe of is the physique of these athletes-especially in the gymnast's and their abdominal development. Read more


Save Thousands on Massage Therapy from Massage Chairs

With health care costs on the rise, everyone is looking to save money. Health care is looking to automation to help offset expenses. Most industries transition from labor intensive to capital intensive. Now we are seeing the potential of massage therapy transitioning to capital intensive or the use of machines/equipment. With the rise of massage chairs, many massage techniques can be delivered effectively with these chairs. How is money actually saved in this situation? Read more


Suffering from General Anxiety Disorder

Gad is a general anxiety disorder term referring to those suffering from persistent, excessive and unrealistic worry. People that worry about everything, whether it is actually something they should be worried about or just something they think they should worry about. It is typical for GAD to affect those that realize there is something wrong but don't know what the problem is. Read more


Colon Cleansing for Your Health

Part of the large intestine, the colon is one of the body's organs. It measures about five feet long and it's main job is to collect and get rid of the body's waste. A cleaner colon has a significant positive impact on the body's overall health. Read more


Antioxidants Help with Stressful Eating

Food creates stress on the body-oxidation stress occurs as the body begins to digest food. During the digestion process, harmful molecules are released known as free radicals. Read more


A Powerful Tool To Lose Weight - Food Diary

Researchers involved in the study found out that the people who kept food diaries lost twice as much weight as those who didn't. It is possibly the most important step you can take toward developing a lifestyle that leads to long-term weight loss success. Read more