5 Things to Consider before having Lap Band Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a serious decision to make because it is also life altering. It involves you making lifestyle changes that you have to more or less stick to for the rest of your life. If you dont, then the entire procedure can reverse itself and the weight will come back. That is something you certainly want to avoid. Read more


Red Carpet Review - Personal Trainer Discovered

Badly want to have a movie star body like that of Jennifer Garner's or Poppy Montgomery's? How about that of Cindy Crawford's or Kim Raver's? Well, worry no more and release all your envious feelings for those famous celebrities as with the help of Red Carpet Ready trainer, you too can now have a movie star body you will always be ready to show. Read more


What to Look for in a Juicer

The family of Breville juice extractors is one that boasts many professional-grade items. Not one of the other extractors are as fast as the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, however. This extractor from Breville runs at accelerated speeds to extract juices with speed and with amazing efficiency. It is also a dishwasher safe item. Read more


Fat Diet 4 Idiots -Is It Any Good?

Is fat diet for idiots a weight loss scam or it actually works? Here is what I found out after doing some research about it. This is a popular online weight loss plan that many dieters or people who want to lose weight have gotten into. Here are my quick facts about it. Read more


A Review of Hoodia Prime Hoodia Diet Pills

As you read this Hoodia Prime review, you will find out why these hoodia diet pills are in a class above the rest. Firstly though, before I delve into this review, I would like to momentarily discuss the popularity of hoodia gordonii and diet pills. Read more


Cooking Fried Chicken for Novice Cooks

Nearly everybody loves the taste of fried chicken and there are plenty of different fried chicken recipes to try out. Deep frying is a common way to cook fried chicken but you can also pan fry it or oven fry it, which is when you bake the chicken but it tastes like it has been fried. Fried chicken, also known as southern fried chicken, is a real comfort food too. Read more


Role of Omega-3 Acids in the Healthy Diet

The discussion between scientists and researchers concerning "good" and "bad" fats is often too much for most of non-specialists to bear. As the effect, instead of trying to keep the amount of saturated and unsaturated fats in our diet right, we prefer reducing the amount of ALL fats in the diet. As the result, while we reduce the negative effects on bad fats on our health, we also rob ourselves from benefits offered by god fats, making the whole deal doubtful. Read more


Suppress Appetite with Caralluma Fimbriata

Although it may the best appetite suppressant, not everyone is familiar with Caralluma. If you're on a weight loss program, You should try to learn more about it though. This is especially if you are overweight,or obese. This means you need to loose weight and to do that, you need to effectively control your appetite. With Caralluma fimbirata, appetite control doesn?t have to be a struggle. Read more