Are herbal remedies for aging real?

Anti aging herbs can have a big effect on slowing down the aging process. Instead of costly chemicals, you may want to look into these readily available natural alternatives. In addition to slowing the effects of aging, anti aging herbs have a generally good effect on your overall health. Read more


How to lose some more pounds

Brought to you by Pulse Heart Rate Watch.Food and physical exercises are not the only aspects to cover when you want to lose 10 pounds. Read more


Mad Dieter - You Know Who You Are!

We look up to celebrities in this country " for their fame, their fashion sense and in many cases, their bodies. It's well known that some of the names which are household words to us are people who have a lot of pressure to keep looking their best at all times. They use fad diets and really every means to keep them presentable for the constant scrutiny they undergo. Low fat, low carbs, low calories and a lot of exercise " is this really a normal lifestyle? Always conscious of the next meal, their next workout and of course, the next weigh-in. It's exhausting and I should know " I've tried to live this way myself and I can tell you that it really didn't work. Why do all of these diets fail? Here is a little insight on why many of these fad diets fail miserably. Read more


The TBow Reviews

Ask the majority of people if they have ever heard of a T-Bow and you will get a blank stare. This is a pity because the T-Bow is a new piece of exercise equipment that is delightfully simple, takes up little space in the home (unlike most gym machines which are big, ugly and bulky), and can provide you with an exercise workout that will gladden the heart of any personal trainer! I am always telling my clients that the best way to lose weight and inches, and make themselves stronger and healthier is to combine cardio exercise with muscle toning workouts. This is where the T-Bow comes in; not only can you get your heart rate up and burn a lot of calories with a T-Bow, you can use the T-Bow for great muscle toning workouts as well. Read more


Proven Techniques Help You Gain Muscle Mass - Guaranteed!

Gaining muscle mass is the dream of the majority of male. However, in order to achieve this result without using expensive supplements and harmful steroids, discipline becomes very important to your diet and training. You need to think about your schedule and decide how much time you can spend working out as well as making changes to the way you eat. We will look at some useful tips that would help you to gain muscle mass and to shape up. Read more


Knowing the Symptoms of Heart Disease can Save Your Life!

You can't always recognize symptoms of common heart problems. Some things you might think are related to your heart are not really problems. Other symptoms may indicate serious coronary heart disease and need immediate attention. You need to be able to distinguish between the two. Read more


Diabetes: I Have Diabetes and Need to Know How To Manage It

Scientists and doctors have studied for years looking for a cure for both type1 and type 2 diabetes with no success. Although there is no cure for the disease, there are still ways to manage the disease and live a long healthy life. Read more


Is there really food that can keep me young?

We all want to look and feel younger these days. Look at any drug store vitamin shelf, any you will see row upon row of products that promise to make you look and feel younger than your years. But really, you will probably get a lot more value and a lot better results by adopting an anti aging diet. If you just eat right, you can take years off your appearance and feel younger too without ever touching an anti aging cream, lotion or elixir. Read more