Should You Be Eating Meat?

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To eat or not to eat meat, that is the question.

by NateRifkin

To eat or not to eat meat, that is the question.

The answer is found in other animals. Look at those most similar to humans and see what they eat. And look at the ones most different from humans and see what THEY eat.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of MEAT-eaters versus herbivore animals.


1. Have eyes that face forward. This is for hunting.

2. Eat lots of meat so they need sharp teeth to tear into it.

3. Possess a smaller stomach because meat is relatively easier to digest.


1. Have eyes that face sideways to protect against predators.

2. Have almost exclusively blunt molar-like teeth for chewing tough vegetation.

3. Have larger stomachs to extract the nutrients from plants.

So do you have eyes on the sides of your head or the front? Sharp teeth up front or a mouth full of molars? A stomach the size of a beach ball or a softball?

Face it: We were meant to eat meat. Now if you're a vegetarian for personal reasons, that's fine. Just don't go spreading the gospel that you're healthier as a result.

It is true that there are studies demonstrating vegetarians are more healthy than average people. But that's not much of a feat. Average people subsist on soda and chips. Restricting yourself from meat just means you have more self-discipline than average.

Take someone with the same self-discipline and allow them to eat meat, and you've got a whole other result.

Key is to make sure it's healthy meat that's not loaded with preservatives. I eat burgers at Whole Foods which has ruined me for most other meat served at restaurants. The healthiest stuff really does taste better.

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